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Heechul Diminta Untuk Pilih Visual Terbaik di Super Junior Pada Sunny”s FM Date”

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Heechul was recently asked the difficult or perhaps not so difficult question for him – who is the best looking member within Super Junior?

On the July 23rd broadcast of MBC FM4U“s “Sunny”s FM Date”, Girls” Generation”s Sunny asked Heechul who he would choose as #1 in the visual ranking of Super Junior. Although some might have expected him to answer Siwon, the main visual of the group, ELF who already knew Heechul”s confident charms weren”t disappointed when he named himself of course!

Heechul coolly chose himself, answering, “Me. I am on top by default. But personally I like Donghae”s eyes.” “I like the sad look that his eyes give off. I don”t look sad. Even when I”m crying, many people think I”m crying because I”m mad. But Donghae has a gentleness in his eyes. I like eyes that have that glow,” he said.

Heechul asked to choose the best looking member of Super Junior on

Heechul baru-baru ini ditanyai sebuah pertanyaan yang sulit atau mungkin…

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