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Sunny Girls Generation Bukan Tipikal Gadis yang Blak-Blakan

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On MBC radio program “Sunny”s FM Date,” MC Sunny opened up more to her listeners, giving further insight into her personality.The listeners asked whether she was the type to easily say what she was sincerely feeling or her inner thoughts.

She said, “Now that I think about it, I don”t think I”m the type that talk about my inner thoughts very often. I think that people should be able to understand my true feelings even if I don”t say them aloud. I also think that it is more sincere to approach somebody with your heart more than your words.” She continued with her wisdom, “Don”t a lot of couples say this? One person says, “I love you” while the other person says, “Okay, thanks,” which causes the first person to ask, “Why don”t you say you love me?” I think I would respond like this…

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