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Sunny Berikan Klarifikasi Mengenai Aktivitas Perawatan Girls Generation

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On the July 21 edition of Sunny”s MBC radio program, “Sunny”s FM Date“, the bubbly MC addressed a previous comment she made that garnered a hotter response than she expected.   Sunny said, “On yesterday”s broadcast, I talked about Girls” Generation scrubbing dirt and dead skin cells, and did not know that it would have such a large effect.  I think there are some people who keep sighing because the fantasy image they had about Girls” Generation has broken with a crash.  Isn”t it good to share things from our everyday life?

She continued, “Some people may not want this, but I think it”s good to share all of our everyday life to the last detail,” as a good reminder that Girls” Generation are people with dirt and dead skin cells to scrub off, too, and there”s nothing wrong with that!

Sunny addresses the large response to previous statement that Girls

Pada edisi tanggal 21 Juli…

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