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Choi Sooyoung Perankan Wanita yang Punya Kesempatan Hidup di Drama Terbarunya

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Girls Generation”s Choi Soo Young is considering a new role in the MBDC drama “Spring Day,” also called “The Springtime of My Life.”

A representative for her agency, SM Entertainment, told OSEN that she is currently positively reviewing the role. It has been more than a year since Choi Soo Young appeared on the small screen. The rapper, dancer, singer and TV presenter was last seen as a matchmaker with some ethical concerns in the comedy “Dating Agency: Cyrano.” In the 16-episode comedy she played a woman employed by a dating agency run by a character played by Lee Jong Hyuk. Sooyoung”s performance in the comedy won her praise from fans and fellow actors alike.

Choi, 24, also played Lee Eu Jin in the medical drama “The Third Hospital” and has had cameo roles in “Gentleman”s Dignity” and “Oh My Lady.” Choi Soo Young has not had much time for…

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