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Taeyeon bertemu dengan seorang fanboy penderita penyakit dystrophy di The World’s Most Beautiful Trip’

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon proved to be beautiful both inside and out as she participated in SBS‘s ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Trip‘ to meet one of her fanboys, 19-year-old Woo Jin, who had suffered muscular dystrophy his entire life to the point he eventually became confined to a wheelchair and could only move his fingers. Finally, he got the chance to meet his idol Taeyeon, who had helped him gain courage and strength during his hardships. At their meeting, she told him he looked more upbeat than she had expected and then shyly blushed as he said it was all thanks to her.

Taeyeon meets a fanboy with muscular dystrophy on ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Trip’

Taeyeon SNSD membuktikan betapa pentingnya memiliki kecantikan dari dalam dan luar saat berpartisipasi dalam ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Trip‘  SBS untuk menemui salah seorang fanboynya, yang berumur 19 tahun yakni Woo jin yang menderita penyakit dystrophy dalam hidupnya sampai-sampai ia hanya dapat duduk di…

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