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Sunny Diskusikan Pekerjaan dengan Siwan, Kecemburuan dalam SNSD, dan berapa lama SNSD dapat bertahan

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Sunny  recently sat down for an interview to promote the upcoming animated film ‘ Rio 2 ‘ in which she voices the parrot  Jewel , the wife of  Siwan ’s character.

As the two had never met each other previously, Sunny revealed her thoughts on working together with Siwan for the first time: “We met each other to play husband and wife roles and then went to an interview together; it was really embarrassing and awkward.” Before the interview, they had been complete strangers, but after working on the same animation together, they became much more acquainted. She went on to praise her co-star: “He was very proficient, even in the ways he expressed himself. He was sociable, good at managing the interview, and was comfortable to be around, so that was a relief.”

She was then asked if there was any jealousy among Girls’ Generation members…

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