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Henry dapatkan petunjuk dari regu Real man dengan telepon dari Tiffany SNSD

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Henry  found out a good way to court favor with his squadmates on the latest episode of ‘ Real Men ‘!

Calling up his close friend Tiffany from Girls’ Generation, he connected her to his squad leader. “Excuse me, are you Tiffany?” the squad leader asked, a complete reversal from his usual scary demeanor. When he heard her voice on the other end of the line, he couldn’t help but smile. “Are you having a hard time with Henry?” Tiffany asked, where he responded, “No, he’s doing fine. He’s the ace of our squad. I love ‘Mr. Mr‘.”

He wasn’t done yet, however. Working up the courage, he said “I love you” over the phone – a courageous moment for the squad leader, which was only outweighed when she replied with “I love you too”! Ending the call, he grabbed Henry in a warm embrace. “Is this real…

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