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Sooyoung berbagi mengenai keinginannya untuk membantu siapa saja yang secara fisik lemah demi project amal InStyle Korea

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Sooyoung participated in the magazine’s charity project ‘Love Actually‘ in honor of the magazine’s 11th anniversary, taking this opportunity to do more than just show off her model proportions and raise awareness of her father’s campaign to help the blind.

She shared, “My father’s eyes are not in good condition. Like comedian Lee Dong Woo, he has a retina disease. He is currently running a blindness prevention campaign center that gives support and hope to those suffering from visual impairments, and through this charity pictorial, I want to give even a small amount of strength to my father who is the head of the organization.”

“Enthusiastic support can actually make visually impaired people’s live more difficult. To teach the methods, rather than thoughtlessly taking their hand, it is better to quietly reach out your arm. One of the symptoms at the beginning of the retina disease is night blindness, so…

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