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Yoon Si Yoon Ungkap bahwa Yoona akan jadi aktris yang rendah hati

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During a recent interview with Sports Seoul, Yoon Si Yoon shared what it was like to act with YoonA, “YoonA is very down-to-earth, good person. She is a good actress with her heart in the right place. She is an actress who carries out stable emotional acting prettily and well. Although it’s not impactful, her stable and sincere acting is her strong point. In the not-too-distant future, I think she will be able to act in a film like ‘Classic‘, which is calm but shares a message, and she can turn a relatively emotional production into a good scene. Although she is part of the girl group Girls’ Generation, she has an analog-like charm as an actress. But she shows an explosive energy on stage, so I think that she put in a lot of effort.”

He also compared Girls’ Generation to H.O.T, explaining, “Girls’ Generation already made a mark…

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