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Are You Ready For More Soshi?

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SNSD Korean


Well, you better be! This coming September is going to be a month worth looking forward to. Why? Simply put; there will be new stuffs for us to get our hands on!

The double release features a new Japanese single album entitled Galaxy Supernova and also their Japanese Tour Girls&Peace DVD/Blu-ray, all of which would come in various versions and contents. (Both the album and the DVD are separate products)

The following is an external link to a twitlonger post by @Ninjafen on Twitter, all credits go to him/her. The post contains various information about the contents of these upcoming releases.

<Disclaimer>: Information with regards to the contents of these new merchandise are not finalised at the moment and may/may not change in due time. The details provided by the respective translators are derived from various sources including, but not limited to, online retail shops, such as…

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  1. I love perusing your web site. Appreciate it!


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