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SNSD members give their dae-sunbaes ShinHwa some lovin’.

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SNSD Korean

SNSD are often referred to these days as ‘dae-sunbae (awesome seniors)’ by younger groups, which makes ShinHwa dae-dae-sunbaes. Having recently wrapped up promotions for their 11th studio album, first generation idol group have been proving that they still got it, recently doing a concert tour. A couple SNSD members made sure to attend the grand finale show, giving some support to the legendary group.

Taeyeon uploaded a video onto instagram on August 3rd of the crowd during the concert opening, commenting “I’m nervous! Looking forward to it looking forward to it. #ShinHwaCreation~

The chuckles heard in the video were apparently Yuri, as photos were also released of the two members visiting M a.k.a Minwoo backstage

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