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130106 SNSD @ KBS Hope Open Concert

SNSD Korean

Hello, fellow Sones. I apologize for the slow pace of updates in the Gallery section, but as the girls get busier and busier with their comeback, so are we!

That said, I chose to compile photos of this event first because the amount of pictures here is just astounding, and eye-gorging at the same time.

I’ll be including a handful of photos as previews in the Gallery below for spazzing purposes, and if any of you picture-hunters want a full compilation, I’ll get a download link up as soon as possible 🙂


Gallery [preview]:

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[Breaking] Jessica Hospitalized Due To Exhaustion

SNSD Korean

It has been reported that Jessica was hospitalized due to exhaustion.

On January 8, during her musical ‘Legally Blonde’, her body wasn’t in good condition and she fell down twice. Her legs kept trembling during the show but she persevered till the end and was seen crying after that. It was also reported that the rest of the Soshi members rushed to the hospital after hearing the news.

Seem like the tight schedule with ‘I Got A Boy’ promotion, musical, magazine shooting, TV show recording activities weakened her health and led to the exhaustion.

Get a lot of rest and get well soon! Health comes first!

Source: Jenny@dkpopnews

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