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Taeyeon + Yoona…Wedding..?

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No, you did not read that wrong. Just yesterday, our kid leader and Yoong revealed their long hidden, deep relationship. The news, including the grand wedding, shocked the whole of Korea and KPop fans all over the world, but we SONEs knew it was coming, right? *hint hint wink wink* all those YoonTae moments?

Now don’t bang ur head on the table yet; those of you whose dreams of marrying Taeyeon or Yoona are not forever ruined.. Read that over again, carefully. Lucky for you, their strong friendship ties remain, and you’ve still got a chance! But what is the wedding for?, you ask. All I’ve got to say is, a huge congrats to Haha and Byul for finally getting married! And our two goddesses were there at their wedding to congratulate them!

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