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SNSD on Sukiri

SNSD Korean

It has been a while since SNSD was on a show together, and I’m sure we all miss their adorable aegyo or aegyo-punching moments! Recently, the girls appeared on the Japanese show Sukiri as they trek around town. Check out their cut below!

Source: wonderfulgeneration

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Looking For Girls & Peace?~

SNSD Korean

Update- Girls & Peace is now available on iTunes


Looking for Girls & Peace on iTunes? Look no further! After 15 mins of looking though iTunes, the album has been found! Currently, the album is available in Japan only, so if you’re a Japanese sone or have a Japanese credit card, go crazy and buy!!! It is unknown when it will be released globally on iTunes as i cant find it on UK itunes …. yet B). Meanwhile, after a long wait, Flower Power single has now been released globally on iTunes. Beep Beep, a track on Flower Power single is not on Girls & Peace album, so it is worth buying! Links below;

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