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All About SBS KPOP Super Concert In America!~

SNSD Korean

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Updated- Added more fancams!


Its the Concert we all been looking forward to All year! It was originally scheduled for August 10th 2012, but it was then postponed due to some unknown issues. SBS Kpop Super Concert in America marks the 130th year of diplomatic ties between Korea and the US. It was held at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine on November 10th exactly at 8PM. Many other huge and popular Super Kpop stars also joined SNSD such as CNBlue (wink wink nudge nudge eh? eh? YongSeo speshullll stage??), 2NE1,B2ST,Sistar,Kara and 4Minute. Each one of them also happens to be my favourite groups which is why im so JELLLLLLLLLLLYYYYY for those to got tickets and was able to attend! But not to worry!!, fan cams are available for us to enjoy, so it’s as if we were there too!!!! Oh yeah, theres no YongSeo special…

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