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Tiffany Challenges You To A Staring Contest~

SNSD Korean

Throwing some fun for Sones, Tiffany challenges you to a staring contest! With an adorable UFO selca, she shows off a very cute pose!

Damn I just lost! I swear Tiffany never blinks!!!!! ……………………………….. Oh wait …….

Source: UFO

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[Updated]’Complete Video Collection’ Teaser [Eng Sub]~

SNSD Korean

Update – Added goodies preview

Preparing for their next Video Release that will be on sale on the 26th of September, SM has now released the teaser video (or Interview Digest if you want specifics!). Commenting and reviewing on their past music videos, they show a hilarious reaction on their own dance routine, style and hair.

For some reason, watching this puts a smile on my face! Check it out below;

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(News) Sooyoung berbicara tentang perannya didalam SNSD

Yeppopo 한국 POP 좋아요

SNSD Sooyoung baru-baru ini berbicara tentang perannya dalam grup.

Pada tanggal 29 Agustus, Sooyoung menghadiri konferensi pers untuk TVN seri drama baru Rabu-Kamis ‘The 3rd Hospital’. Jung Tae Won, presiden perusahaan produksi untuk drama, sebelumnya mengatakan bahwa Sooyoung menjadi anggota SNSD karena penampilannya yang cantik, tapi Sooyoung mengatakan itu tidak benar.

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