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SNSD Korean

A MV can’t be completed without dorking about right? From their Paparazzi MV and their album jacket set, SNSD can be seen having slight fun while turning on that ‘serious’ mode. Of course, all work and no play makes SNSD dull girls ey?

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Lee Euijin Revealed~

SNSD Korean

Who’s Lee Euijin you may be wondering? Why, its our newest member of SNSD!

Yup! Following the path of drama Queens, Choi Ah Na, Jung Ha Na and Kang Jong Hee, she will be starring in the upcoming drama, ‘The 3rd Hospital’. The drama will air its first episode on September 5th. Meanwhile, the character profile of Lee Euijin has been released, giving a little teaser for excited fans!

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Yeppopo 한국 POP 좋아요

Rumor soal SM Town akan konser di Indonesia sudah beredar lebih dari sebulan. Kini website resmi MTV Asia menulis konser keluarga besar SM Entertainment itu akan digelar 22 September mendatang.

‘SMTown Live World Tour III (feat. Super Junior, SHINee & more)’ tertulis di bagian MTV Gig Guide. MTV Gig Guide berisi panduan jadwal konser di seluruh wilayah Asia.

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